Since 2009, specialists in banking aggregation and categorization for individuals and companies.

Leaders in Open Banking Solutions

Unique Open Banking Solutions

Data sharing API

Our aggregation engine allows users to see all their financial information in one place. MyValue’s Data Sharing API covers more banks and more products than any of its competitors and is able to aggregate institutions from several countries.

Data enrichment technology

MyValue’s unique categorization algorithm is able to analyse and classify user’s transaction to an unparalleled degree of detail (category, supplier, location, sector of activity) even if the information at source is scarce.

BFM Tool

Using pioneering AI techniques, MyValue’s BFM tool provides corporate customers with key data on their business to have a complete view of their financial situation amongst other added Value-adding features.

PFM Tool

MyValue’s proprietary technologies and algorithms give customers the tools and insights they need to efficiently manage their finances.

Insurance solution

Provides insurance companies with greater knowledge of policyholders for more accurate premium’s adjustment and enables them to identify new business opportunities.

Scoring calculator

MyValue’s scoring calculator identifies relevant information from bank transactions (i.e. risky providers, defaults, etc.) to provide a more reliable and detailed risk analysis of each customer.

Big Data micro-services

Enhanced data enrichment facilitates the interpretation and analysis of financial information to provide tailor-made micro-services (reports, etc.).

Loyalty campaign builder

Top-tier customer segmentation and customized marketing campaigns designed to fit the specific spending and income patterns of each customer.

Advantages of MyValue Solutions

Consolidated leadership in the banking sector.

Quick adaptation, integration, and response to customers.

Most powerful enrichment providers in the market.

International presence in Europe and Latin America.

End to end solutions (wide range of services).

SMEs specialization.

Flexibility and modularity.

Own B2C app MyValue (field trial & consumer insights).


MyValue is the leader in the Spanish market and has started its international expansion, providing its services in countries across Europe and Latin America.


MyValue was born in 2009 to design cutting-edge solutions with internally developed technology. Our goal has always been to create useful financial products for our users, whether they are individuals, freelancers or small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2012 we launched our PFM, becoming the the first ones offering this type of solution and, also, in an independent way.

As of 2016, we also offer, as white-label, technological solutions to different financial entities, among which are some of the most important ones in Spain and the world, which has made us specialized market leaders in Open Banking Solutions.

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